Sunflower The Clown

A Clown for All Occassions

Sunflower and Team can provide a fun outreach tool through creative ministries such as facepainting, twisted balloon creations, glitter and airbrush tattoos, button making, fun and silly shows with a theme, storytelling, and more.

Many VBS programs have a special sign up day, 1st day of camp, last day of camp, closing program or special visit that can be with Sunflower and members of her team.  We can customize our programs to try to suit your themes or messages.

For Faith groups and Special dates in your Calendar, we can customize face painting, stories etc. to support your event.

Sunflower is also able to share her story about being called by God into this ministry of clowning, stepping out of her comfort zone into God's plan, playing her way into uncovering gifts/talents and abilities she didn't know she had, and finding your "zone" or "sweet spot" of being right where you are supposed to be in God's plan.